Blue Seventy’s Helix is back for 2012 and better than ever. The Helix uses two layered chest panels that naturally and anatomically accentuate the lungs in producing the optimal amount of buoyancy for the swimmer in the upper body. The ultra light, Aqua Feel forearms are made with a permeable fabric allowing the swimmer to feel the water while 1mm Aquaseal cuffs seal the arms from water entry. Inside the sleeve is a light print designed to reinforce better elbow position at the front catch phase of the stroke, resulting in a more powerful and efficient stroke. The high stretch TST panels mechanically decouple the arms from the rest of the suit working to ‘float’ the arm and improve shoulder extension, stroke length, and comfort. The tube construction in the lower leg, combines A-Flex material with a single seam to maximize the flexibility and promote a quick release from your suit in the transition. It’s built for swimmers who require performance above all else.

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