Looking for humor in the sport of triathlon? Try Trizophrenia, Inside the Minds of a Triathlete by Jef Mallet. The author dives into the intoxicating culture of tri and describes with humor the sometimes obsessive-compulsive behaviors of a triathlete – Eat, swim, eat, work, eat, run, eat, bike, eat, sleep, recover and repeat. Fun illustrations help provide a visual the conundrums someone in the sport faces.

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Training well for a triathlon requires more than just swimming, biking and running. Other exercises that strengthen the core are needed to keep your body performing at its best and most efficient, and the book Crosstraining For Endurance Athletes by Raul Guisado will do just that. Written specifically for endurance athletes, it provides information on how to prevent injury, muscular imbalances and how to correct them, developing trunk stability, joint stability, balance, flexibility strength and power. Contains over 80 illustrated exercises with workouts and logs so that you can take your training to the next level.

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Chef Biju and Dr. Allen Lim worked together to provide athletes delicious and energy packed meals in their cookbook, The Feed Zone. The book has 150 easy-to-prepare recipes with full color photographs, including portable whole foods like rice cakes, prep meals for pre and post workouts, gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives. It’s an optimal blend of health and science for food.

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Joe Friel’s book, The Triathlete’s Training Bible, helps triathletes of all levels by providing details that need to be considered in planning a season, training and for race day. Based on Joe’s 28 years of coaching experience, you’ll learn how to develop your own personalized training plan, improve swimming, cycling and running efficiency, understand and incorporate intensity vs. volume, proper recovery and improve body composition with better nutrition. It’s one of the best selling Triathlon books out there. Train smarter.

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Every time you push your body past its limits, proper rest is needed to allow the muscles to repair and become stronger. Now rest doesn’t mean lounging on a couch all day in a hunched position eating chips and dips. To really make the most out of every training session and race, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery will help you understand how much you’ve been fatigued, how much rest you need and how to make the best use of recovery tools that will get you back on your feet (or bike or in the water) in good form. The book describes daily recovery techniques and how to employ restorative practices, such as massage, meditation and yoga. Learn about which methods work best, how and when they’re most effective.

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Dave Scott had won the race six times in row. Mark Allen had placed second twice. In 1989 at the Ironman World Championship, the two triathletes battle for first again. For eight hours Scott and Allen could hardly be separated and the race becomes one of the greatest stories ever in triathlon history. Sports journalist Michael Fitzgerald tells in his book, Iron War, the background of the two athletes and their desire to succeed.

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Running sounds like something we humans should be able to naturally do, but why are so many of us getting injured from the miles we are logging in? Unfortunately most of our modern lives include sitting for hours at a time, which causes bad form with our posture and stiffness in the lower limbs, which then affects our ability to run well. In the book Chi Running, written by Danny and Katherine Dreyer, techniques are provided to get your body

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What do you think is the biggest barrier to entry in the sport? A common answer is the swim portion, and we’ve got a recommendation to help get past that hump. Terry Laughlin’s Total Immersion book is a unique approach to swimming in the water. It’s about mindful fluid movement, not athletic ability, that will help people become efficient swimmers. By focusing on balance and streamlining in the water, the energy used for propulsion becomes much more effective. The book includes choreographed

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The question “Should I?” crosses your mind. Then the credit card numbers get entered and you’re committed do racing your first triathlon. Now what? Well, for a start pick up Joe Friel’s Your First Triathlon. This clear and comprehensive book provides a 12-week training plan for beginners as well as custom plans for those experienced in running, swimming and/or cycling. Joe is a top coach in triathlon and his books are best sellers in the field. He offers helpful advice to simplify the complexities of the sport to ensure that race day goes as smoothly as planned.

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Title got your attention, right? A collection of humorous short stories that capture the lifestyle of triathlon. A great read for all triathlete types – newbie, intermediate and seasoned pro. Think of this read as another way to exercise your lungs and diaphragm. We’ll leave you with a snippet from the book for your pleasure: “Basically, a good hard workout is like the exact opposite of casual sex: You always dread it beforehand, but afterwards you’re always really glad you did it.”

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