Every triathlete has gone through this frustration of peeling off a wetsuit that just feels like it’s stuck on you. Your arms are tired, hands are shaking, and you just wish this race had a wetsuit stripper. Next time give Trislide a spray. It not only allows you to slip out of your wetsuit quickly but also prevents those nasty wetsuit burns around the neck and chaffing in some areas that you never knew could chaff. It is safe to use on your neoprene wetsuit and can easily be washed away with some soap and warm water.

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If you want a cheap wetsuit without compromising on performance hands down it has to be Xterra wetsuits in general. You wont see a $1,200+ wetsuit coming out of Xterra. Their claim to fame is selling directly to consumers and not having it go through middle men that jack up the prices. Periodically you may find a coupon code or a sale that Xterra has which brings the cost of some suits sub $200. This particular model the Xterra Vortex Sleeveless is perfect for the summer races where the water is 68+ degrees. Gives the proper bouyancy and comfort for a comfortable swim.

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Improve swim performance by strengthening your pull, where you propel yourself through the water, with Aqua Sphere’s Ergoflex Hand Paddles. These paddles are shaped to fit your hands and flex in the water, with enough structure so that you get a good feel of the water. One size fits all and it has an adjustable strap.

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If you have ever swam in open waters where temps are below 60 you will find out quickly how cold water in the ears affect your swim performance. In some case you can get disoriented and the day is over before it started. A great solution for keeping that water out of the ears are Macks Pillow Silicone Earplugs. These earplugs can be reused multiple times before having to toss them. Plus the best part is no longer do you have to shove something into your ears and find out it doesn’t fit your ear canals. Macks Pillow simply molds comfortably to your ears. These also can double as just reducing noise with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22 decibels for those flights to your triathlon destination.

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Kick your swim level up using Finis Positive Drive Fins. The Positive Drive Fins, PDF, have a unique, short and wide blade to help you kick properly for all swimming styles, even the Breaststroke. They also promote a natural supination kick. The closed toe construction provide maximum energy transfer from the leg to foot, thus increasing leg strength and foot speed. Feet feel comfortable in its ergonomic footpocket with a heel strap to secure them in, which allows the feet to flex more naturally.

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Jogging in the pool is a great way to cross train and provide less stress on the body during injury or recovery. Using the Aqua Jogger Pro Belt, it will help strengthen the abdominal muscles by requiring you to maintain posture in the water while also getting cardio exercise. Made of resilient foam that won’t absorb water, the belt is soft, durable and comfortable. A quick release buckle makes it easy to put on and take off. It has 50% more buoyancy than its Classic sibling model and is ideal for the ‘sinkers’. Included is a workout video and getting started guide.

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Got cold feet during open water swims? Keep them warm (well, as warm as possible) with Tyr Neoprene Swim Socks. These high-ankle compression booties, are designed to reduce the amount of water that gets to you while swimming. Made of 100% 1.5mm neoprene with external seams to provide comfort and reduced abrasion, these swim socks will provide the insulation and protection you’ve been looking for.

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Our latest wetsuit feature is made for racing. Aqua Sphere’s Powered Phantom, which was designed for elites, is fast, fluid and extremely flexible. The flexibility is allowed by the material of the suit, SCS coated Yamamoto 39, with patent pending 1mm Bio-Stretch Zone to allow maximum range of motion. Aqua Driveā„¢ core body panel maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag. Their Core Power System assists in keeping form and lengthening the stroke. Water is kept out using Aqua-Grip cuffs and Aqua-Flex collar. If there aren’t any wetsuit strippers around, improve your transition time using their quick release ankle transition panels that has a horseshoe cut design to get you out of the suit faster.

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Orca’s RS1 Enduro Tri Race Suit provides high performance both in and out of the water. Its slick outer TriSkn material plus KillaSkn Kompress panels work together to give muscle support, reduce fatique and maximize performance. The Tri-Tech chamois is 3.5mm thick for a low profile that keeps your rear comfortable, dry and with an antibacterial treatment. Hydroseal pockets secures small items and Hydroseal leg hems reduces drag. Also keeps you safe with reflective logos to improve your visibility in low light.

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The name is a bit deceiving as it will not make you faster or send shockwaves from the middle lane that will blow your competition away. What the Finis Lane 4 Shockwave Goggle will do on the other hand is give you comfort through the curved lens technology. The pull and lock functionality to fasten googles quickly and securely is a plus. It also boasts about the ‘High Definition Lens’ that can filter out 100% blue light, improving contrast, shadow definition, depth perception, and make finding Nemo a little easier.

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