Curious to know what it would be like to cycle the 112 miles in Kona? Thanks to Spinervals’ latest On the Road 7.0 – Kona, HI DVD set, you can preview the course from home. Coach Troy takes you on the famous Iron distance race course on Hawaii’s big island, totaling six hours of workout footage. Training tips and strategies are provided to help you prepare for the race and riding long distances in general. Boost your performance and endurance with this three DVD set.

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Whether you are new to tri or have taken a long break, Spinervals Competition 21 Aero Base Builder IV will help build and develop your aerobic base. This 70 minute DVD with Coach Troy Jacobson focuses on training your blue aerobic zone, which is ideal for long races by getting your body to adapt to using fats for as the primary fuel. There is an option to turn off the audio so you can jam to your own music if wanted. Compatible with all stationary bikes.

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