It’s rather rare to have a new shoe company come on the scene. The last company that made a huge imprint was Newtons. This latest company is Hoka One One and this shoe called the Hoka One One Bondi B pronounced Ho-kay Oh-nay Oh-nay which means “Time to Fly” in Maori, “Bondi” pronounced bond-eye is named after Bondi Beach. So what is the selling point? As you can see these are not minimalist shoes and actually are taller and bigger than most running shoes. The Hoka Bondi B are surprisingly light considering how big it looks weighing only 9.8 oz. The structure of these shoes allow for 50% forward rocking profile with an oversized midsole that absorbs heavy impact on hard surfaces. The jury is still out on how these feel and if they will take off. Although if they can do what Netwon did by sponsoring the likes of Crowie there’s not doubt the shoes will sell. On thing is for sure they are just has pricey as Newtons.

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