Newtons have defienetly come onto the triathlon scene especially with athletes like Craig Alexander and Michellie Jones being sponsored by them. No wonder with every triathlon we go to more and more athletes are showing up with these great looking kicks. This particular model the Newtons Mens Gravity Neutral Trainer is a great everyday trainer that is light (9.1 ounces) and much sturdier and longer lasting than the Newton Distance. The heal has a more solid rubber to keep the shoe from wearing down quickly. The Action/Reation Technology is also in these shoes to promote a better midfoot to forefoot running. It is a great looking shoe and performs very well. Just a word of advice is make sure you ease into these shoes and build up the miles. I’ve heard of many runners taking these out the box and putting in 15 miles to come to find out there calf and achilles become sore.

$175.00 BUY IT