Quintana Roo’s Illicito is their most aerodynamic bike ever and unique out of all bikes out there. Based loosely on their flagship CD0.1, the revolutionary, high modulus carbon fiber frame records the lowest drag coefficient of any modern design. What did they do? Well, the use of SHIFT technology ‘shifted’ airflow from the front wheel to be re-directed from the dirty, drag-producing side (drive side) of the bike to the clean side (non-drive side). The asymmetric bottom bracket reduces drag around the drive train and they removed the left side seat stay. OK, now you have a puzzled look and asking why the left side. Since 86% of the Illicito’s airflow is directed toward the absent seat stay due to the afore mentioned shift technology a new effect began to happen. QR constructed a Leading Edge Absent (LEA) surface on the non drive chain-stay resulting in a sail effect from less resistance. Cool, right?!

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