Here’s a stylish and practical way of transporting your bike on the road. Take a look at Saris’ Gran Fondo Trunk Rack. It allows you to keep your wheels on, have more visibility looking through your rear view mirror while driving and makes placing your bike on and off the car a snap. Lob the front wheel of the bike into the half-moon front wheel holder, which can keep the whole bike hanging securely, and then place the rear wheel into the bottom mount. A ratchet strap on both wheels keep the bike from riding away when the car is in motion. The rack does not need to touch the bike frame, so no worries about cosmetic scratches and dings. Its aerodynamic design creates a paceline effect, resulting in greater fuel efficiency as well. Can hold two bikes up to 35lbs each with 700c and 26-29in tires. Rack folds up compactly when not in use and built with lightweight, rust resistant materials.

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