Some of you may not realize that muscles are bundled in a sheath called myofascial tissue, and that tissue can tighten up over time, due to training, injury or repetitive stress, etc., and interfere with your training and performance (bad form, muscles over compensating for tightness in another area, restricted movement…). To help loosen up the tissue and get some knots out, Trigger Point’s Performance Ultimate 6 Kit is designed for those who are seeking benefits of a massage on a daily basis for the entire body without having to go to a massage therapist. The kit contains a massage ball, footballer, one quadballer, the Ultimate 6 Guidebook and DVD. Their patented material mimics feel of the human thumb for a safe and effective self applied massage. Areas the tools in the kit can be applied to are the soleus, quads, IT band, piriformis, psoas and pectorals.

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