The hardest part for all triathletes when it comes to the bike portion of the race is trying to stay comfortable in the aero position for as long as possible. One of the largest factor to this equation is your arm positioning. Here comes Zipp Vuka Alumina to the rescue. The bars and shifters are key but for many triathletes getting your shoulders and arms in a comfortable position is very limited to many of the aero bars in the market out there. The Zipp Vuka Alumina solves this issue with the Vuka Alumina Clip and the Vuka Alumina Risers that allows you to adjust the hight and width for a customized fit. The whole rig comes complete at around $275(w/o extenders, shifters, & brakes), or individually with the Vuka Alumina base bar ($80) and Vuka Alumina Clip ($120). The Vuka Alumina Clip Risers are available for $25 per set.

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