This is the most expensive wetsuit in the world at the moment. Zone3’s MMXII wetsuit costs £1,000, and it’s a limited edition model with only 100 available worldwide. Sold exclusively at Harrod’s or directly from Zone3, each individual suit can be tailored to the swimmer’s body for a perfect fit. The famous Yamamoto SCS 40 and 45 neoprene are used with a titanium lined inner jersey fabric and Aerodome panels to create more buoyancy than conventional neoprene. There is also an ultra thin one-piece shoulder panel stretching from elbow to elbow to free the shoulders when swimming. Not only is it supposed to have an extremely comfortable feel with speed and flexiblity, Gold and Gunmetal fabric on the suit adds bling like no other wetsuit has done before. The price tag includes more than just an individually numbered suit. Other goodies, such as a transition backpack, swim caps and an exclusive invitation to an open water training event with top coaches and athletes, are included.

£1,000.00 BUY IT